How to Choose a Plan for OOOPEN Lab?

OOOPEN Lab currently offers 2 regular plans. Through this article, you can better understand how to choose the plan that best suits your needs!

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Introduction to OOOPEN Lab Paid Plans

OOOPEN Lab Plan Introduction Table
Source|OOOPEN Lab Plan Introduction Table

Monthly Plan

  • Unlimited project publications within 30 day.
  • During the plan, all publishing projects share a 10,000 Answer Quota.
    • If you purchase a 3-month monthly plan, you can collect up to 30,000 answers before the expiration date.
  • Buy 10 months (300 days), and get 1 month (30 days) free.

If the project event duration is between 30 and 60 days, we recommend users to purchase the monthly plan!

Module Plan

  • Unlimited publication of selected module projects within 180 days.
  • During the plan, all publishing projects share a 30,000 Answer Quota.
  • Purchase this plan and receive a 10% discount on advanced features.

If you have specific modules you want to use or have medium to long-term event planning, we highly recommend users to purchase the module pricing plan. With approximately 3 to 4 months of monthly pricing, you can publish projects for up to 6 months, and enjoy a 10% discount on advanced features. It’s a very cost-effective choice for users!

We also release “Limited Offer” irregularly, providing related discounts for new releases or limited combinations. Register as a member or subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest news!

How many accounts can the plan provide?

Currently, each plan is limited to 1 set of accounts. If you wish to share accounts among project partners, we recommend creating an event-specific mailbox and registering for OOOPEN Lab.

Will the plan be activated immediately after payment? Will OOOPEN Lab provide an invoice?

When purchasing online with a credit card, you can fill in the company name and tax ID during the purchase process. After the purchase is completed, the system will send an electronic invoice to the designated email within 10 minutes (please pay attention to emails from “綠界科技 ECPay”).

OOOPEN Lab Invoice Email Screenshot
Source|OOOPEN Lab Invoice Email Screenshot

Can additional Answer Quotas or Advanced Features be purchased after payment?

Both can be purchased simultaneously when purchasing the plan, or during the plan period after the event goes live. The validity period of additional answer quotas will be the same as the plan expiration date. For more information, please refer to this article: How is the Answer Quota for modules calculated? Can I purchase an additional quota after reaching the limit?

The actual charges for Advanced Features will be calculated proportionally based on the plan duration.

When does the Plan Expiration Date start to calculate? Does it start after publishing?

All plan durations start to calculate after payment completion.

For example, in the case of the monthly pricing plan, if the purchase is completed at 12:00:00 noon on 07/31/2023, the plan will expire at 11:59:59 PM on 08/30/2023, with a total duration of approximately 30.5 days.

Will projects be automatically unpublished after the plan expires?

Projects will be automatically set to “unpublished” status after the plan expires. Users who enter the project via the original URL will see the following screen.

OOOPEN Lab Project Unpublished Screenshot
Source|OOOPEN Lab Project Unpublished Screenshot

Will projects and data disappear after the  Plan Expiration Date?

Project data will be retained for 180 days after the plan expires. If users purchase a new plan during the retention period, the retention time will be recalculated from the new Plan Expiration Date. It is recommended to download data in advance after the plan expires or when the project ends!

Now go ahead and register to start your free trial!

This article aims to help you create various tests/games/surveys! Just click “Log in/Sign Up” in the upper right corner to become a member, and you can edit and try all modules until they are officially released. Then, consider purchasing a plan to publish your project!





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