The Soul Whale Test: 330K Views and 45% Sales Boost

The Soul Whale, combining spirituality and art, used OOOPEN Lab to create a psychological test featuring seven ocean spirit characters. This project successfully garnered 330,000 views and boosted sales by 45%.

Using OOOPEN Lab’s psychological test moduleThe Soul Whale developed the “Which Ocean Spirit Are You?” project with seven ocean spirit characters.

During the campaign period, this project brought in 330,000 views and increased sales by 45%!

What is The Soul Whale?

The Soul Whale is a creative brand that focuses on creating art pieces themed around the ocean and the starry sky. They publicly sell a variety of products, including paintings, tarot cards, oracle cards, and crystal balls. Their most well-known product is the oracle cards.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are a medium that helps users communicate with their inner selves, the universe, and spiritual energies. The content of the cards is generally positive, offering guidance, healing, and inspiration. Oracle cards come in various themes, such as flowers, angels, and unicorns, providing users with different perspectives and insights. The Soul Whale Oracle Cards focus on ocean spirits and the marine world as their main theme and visual design. Created with a blessing concept, these cards aim to lead users into a serene, radiant blue world.

"Which Ocean Spirit Are You?" Cover Screenshot
Image Source|”Which Ocean Spirit Are You?” Cover Screenshot

Why Choose OOOPEN Lab?

When creating their psychological test, The Soul Whale’s primary consideration was incorporating the artwork from their oracle cards into the test to increase product exposure.

After reviewing many successful psychological tests from OOOPEN Lab and comparing them with platforms from Hong Kong and other countries, The Soul Whale found that OOOPEN Lab’s module offered greater visual freedom. This allowed them to better combine art and testing, creating a “test with ideal artistic effects.”

How Did The Soul Whale Combine Divinatory Ocean Spirit Oracle Cards with a Psychological Test?

As many experienced creators suggest, “When creating a test, the first thing to consider is the ‘result‘.” The Soul Whale adopted this approach, setting the “7 ocean spirits corresponding to the body’s seven chakras” from their oracle cards as the test results—these include the whale, sea turtle, manta ray, butterflyfish, sea snake, whale shark, and dolphin.

"Which Ocean Spirit Are You?" Test Result Screenshot
Image Source|”Which Ocean Spirit Are You?” Test Result Screenshot

They designed the test questions based on the characteristics of the seven ocean spirits, making the test feel like a divination session. This approach successfully attracted customers interested in mind-body-spirit products.

The test received positive feedback such as, “I’ve never played a similar type of psychological test,” and “This theme is more appealing to them.”

Ideal Artistic Effects and Unexpected Success

"Which Ocean Spirit Are You?" Test Question Screenshot
Image Source|”Which Ocean Spirit Are You?” Test Question Screenshot

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