Hahow’s Holiday MBTI Test Hits 3M Views in 9 Days

[Hahow] Holiday-Themed MBTI Test Attracts Media Coverage, Surpasses 3 Million Views in 9 Days

Hahow, a cross-disciplinary crowdfunding course platform, teamed up with OOOPEN Lab’s multi-dimensional test module to launch the “What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” dark MBTI test for this Halloween. Within 9 days of its release, it generated 3 million views and 10,000 new member registrations.

In this open sharing session, Hahow reveals how they planned precise and effective campaign content. They also share insights from using the multi-dimensional test module. If you’re curious about using psychological tests in marketing, don’t miss this!

Introduction to “What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Test

"What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?" Test Screenshot
Image Source|”What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Test Screenshot

MBTI tests are often combined with themes like love, animals, or careers, but have you ever tried a dark version of MBTI?

What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” is based on MBTI theory, focusing on the “dark side.” Each of the 16 personality types is represented by a different little monster, creating a mischievous and Halloween-appropriate atmosphere.

Through 12 simple multiple-choice questions, you can determine your scores across the 4 MBTI dimensions, which correspond to your unique little monster analysis.

After completing the test, the results page links back to the Hahow website, where you can explore the “Little Monster Encyclopedia” to learn about other monster types that are compatible or incompatible with yours.

Why Did Hahow Choose the “OOOPEN Lab” Module Tool?

Despite already having extensive experience in creating psychological tests, Hahow continues to explore new possibilities. Upon noticing that many popular online tests were created using the OOOPEN Lab module (such as “Design Practical Skills Mock Test” and “CakeResume X Dcard: What Cake Are You?“), they were impressed by the module’s “high-quality results” and “ease of creation.”

Therefore, when they decided to use a test for their marketing campaign, they chose to find a suitable module from the OOOPEN Lab platform.

Is It Necessary to Choose the “Multi-Dimensional Test Module” for Creating an MBTI Test?

MBTI has four dimensions (gaining energy, receiving information, making decisions, responding to the outside world) that need to be scored separately, making it a multi-dimensional psychological test.

Therefore, it should be created using the “Multi-Dimensional Test” module offered by OOOPEN Lab. Hahow, well aware that psychological tests have become a new focus in brand marketing and having created many tests, believes that tests supported by theory provide a clearer framework and more credible results. Therefore, they chose MBTI theory as the basis for this project.

Multi-dimensional tests calculate scores for multiple dimensions. For example, an MBTI test separately calculates scores for the four dimensions and then combines these individual results to present the final outcome. To accurately calculate MBTI results, the multi-dimensional test module is logically the most suitable choice.

Screenshot of Multi-Dimensional Test Backend Dimension Editing Result Page
Image Source|Screenshot of Multi-Dimensional Test Backend Dimension Editing Result Page

Does the Multi-Dimensional Test Module Help Achieve Results?

“Respondents need to feel that the test results are accurate for them to want to share,” is a key observation Hahow has made from creating multiple tests.

Hahow believes that for an MBTI-based test to be precise, not only should the questions and results adhere to MBTI theory, but the multi-dimensional calculation method is also crucial.

Therefore, they decided from the beginning to use the multi-dimensional test module for creating their test. In the review of the results, many people provided feedback saying “the test results are very accurate,” which reinforced Hahow’s belief that the multi-dimensional test module enhances accuracy. This accuracy is one of the key factors contributing to the test’s success and positive response.

Short Duration X High Traffic? 4 Key Success Points of Hahow’s Campaign

Riding the wave of holiday trends and generating organic media coverage, the “What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?”

test accumulated over 3 million website views and more than 10,000 member registrations in just 9 days. Although the test was taken down at the end of October, along with Halloween, it continues to dominate Google search results with impressive media exposure.

Focusing the Launch Days

"What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?" Google Search Page Screenshot
Image Source|”What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Google Search Page Screenshot

After creating numerous psychological tests and comparing data, Hahow observed that the viral period for psychological tests is relatively short. Therefore, concentrating traffic into a few days to quickly boost numbers is the most effective and suitable strategy for such tests.

To ensure their observations were objective, Hahow consulted other industry experts who similarly concluded that “traffic for psychological tests peaks within 3-4 days,” confirming that the marketing approach should focus on generating high traffic in a short period.

Applying this strategy to their project, Hahow timed the launch around Halloween and took it down quickly after about a week, a deliberate decision that proved to be effective.

Creating a Memorable Test Experience – The Test Protagonist

"What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?" Test Results Page Screenshot
Image Source|”What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Test Results Page Screenshot

In this test, Hahow not only designed a dark testing environment to match the Halloween atmosphere but also created the test protagonist, “Little Monster.” This gave respondents and those searching for the test a memorable focal point, allowing users to find the test easily with relevant keywords.

In subsequent traffic analysis, it was evident that most of the traffic directed from Google came from searches using the “Little Monster” keywords.

Understanding Respondents’ Desire to “Know Themselves Better”

“Would you rather understand yourself better or win a new iPhone 15?”

Hahow believes that most people are more interested in understanding themselves. Therefore, they intentionally placed the first button as “Click to See the Little Monster Encyclopedia,” ahead of “Click to See the Giveaway Details.”

The results confirmed this approach, with five times more people clicking to see more test results than to check the giveaway details. By tapping into respondents’ desire to understand themselves and placing the most relevant button first, Hahow successfully drove traffic to their website.

Single Goal Focus – Increasing Website Traffic

Hahow had a clear objective for their test: “Increase website traffic.” To achieve this, they adopted the following two strategies, eliminating any possibilities that could divert traffic:

Ensuring CTA Buttons on the Results Page Direct to the Website

Many psychological tests include buttons on the results page to “share to social media or messaging apps” to increase exposure. However, to keep traffic from dispersing away from their website, Hahow chose to forgo this method.

Instead, they placed buttons linking to content that would interest respondents (like the Little Monster Encyclopedia and iPhone giveaway details), ensuring all traffic stayed on their own site.

"What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?" Test Results Page Screenshot
Image Source|”What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Test Results Page Screenshot

Integrating All Actions on a Dedicated Website Activity Page

Hahow designed a dedicated webpage on their official site for this test. The goal was to give “people searching for the test on Google” an additional chance to visit Hahow’s website before reaching the test on the OOOPEN Lab site.

The results confirmed that this strategy successfully drove significant traffic to Hahow’s official website from Google search pages.

"What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?" Hahow Official Website Screenshot
Image Source|”What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Hahow Official Website Screenshot
"What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?" Hahow Official Website Screenshot
Image Source|”What Little Monster Lives in Your Heart?” Hahow Official Website Screenshot

Endless fun with OOOPEN Lab’s Modules: User Experience

While using the multi-dimensional test module for this project, Hahow also tried out other modules available on the platform. This gave them deeper insights and experiences they’d like to share:


Hahow initially discovered various tests created using OOOPEN Lab modules online and was attracted by their simplicity and aesthetic appeal. Upon actually using the OOOPEN Lab backend to create their tests, they found several delightful details:

  • Once a template is set up, it can be applied to other pages quickly and intuitively.
  • The backend shows pre-categorized block layouts, eliminating the need to adjust image sizes and spacing. Even those with no experience can follow the guided process to create quality test templates swiftly.


While Hahow was very satisfied overall, they believe a few minor adjustments could enhance the experience:

  • Tutorial Documents:
    They hope the backend can provide tutorial documents, allowing users who want to create tests to communicate directly with their team using these guides. This would help them visualize the test presentation more quickly and optimize the creation process and speed.
  • Advanced Text Editor:
    Considering that not every user is a designer capable of creating graphics on the fly, they wish for a more comprehensive text editor in the backend. This would offer more settings and font options when users need to add a few lines of text quickly.

Future Usage Plans

Initially attracted to the OOOPEN Lab website by the psychological test module, Hahow discovered many other interesting modules after registering. They found that with a monthly plan, they could create and publish any type of module project without limits for 30 days. This led them to try all types of modules and discover many that align well with Hahow’s existing marketing plans.

Hahow currently sees potential in trying out several directions:

  • For the survey module, combining the “Survey Module” with an “External Results Page” to create a pre-course questionnaire that directly drives traffic.
  • For the dodging runway module, using course discount coupons as game rewards in the dodging runway module, and possibly designing a mechanism where “the longer you play, the higher the discount coupon you earn.”

Multi-Dimensional Tests for Both “MBTI Tests” and “Product Recommendations”

The full name of the multi-dimensional test is “Multi-Dimensional Psychological Test,” a type of psychological test that includes the “dimension” function. It’s suitable for creating tests that require multi-dimensional scoring (such as MBTI tests) and can also be used for product recommendation tests. By collecting respondents’ preferences across different dimensions, it can recommend the most suitable products for them (see product recommendation examples).

In addition to the multi-dimensional module, OOOPEN Lab offers other fun modules like scoring testsgacha lotteries, and custom image generators for you to experience and create for free!

Register for a Free Trial and Check Out User Reviews!

OOOPEN Lab is a platform service that effortlessly integrates gamified interactive experiences into brand content marketing strategies. By registering in advance, you can try all modules and advanced features.

Simply complete the online payment before publishing, and you’ll get publishing rights within a minute! The platform is easy to use, and the editing page is very intuitive. If you’re interested but don’t know where to start, visit the article section for genuine user reviews and feedback!





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